A Picture Perfect Holiday minus the “perfect!”

December 22, 2015


Perfect, Smerfect!  There shouldn’t be such a thing!

One of my intentions for 2016, is to stop using the word “perfect!”

And even after I wrote this today, I responded to the librarian with, “Oh, perfect!  Thanks!”  Ahhh…. I laughed.

There is a difference between doing the best you can and wanting perfection.  Nothing’s perfect, no one’s perfect, and no one should be.

Life’s not perfect, its just the way it is.  It’s just the way it’s supposed to be right here right now.

I’m letting go of striving for perfection (which is more on an underlying energy in my life) because out loud I keep saying “it doesn’t have to be perfect”, but then my actions show something completely different.  Hahaha!!!

Instead, I’m going to do the best I can in each moment, and be okay with the way things are, in the past, today, and in the future.

And, I’m not going to wait until 2016 to do it. I’m going to apply it now, a few days before Christmas. I’m going to let go of “Am I giving the perfect present?”, “Am I making the perfect meal, side dish, or appetizer?”, etc, etc…

Instead, I will validate myself and know that everything I did and everything I am……is ENOUGH!

I’m letting go of worry about all the little things, and I’m going to stay in the present.   Moment to moment, big or small, I want to be available to enjoy my family festivities.   No matter who says what, no matter who does this or that, I will show up wanting to create an abundance of  peace, love, and joy!

Join me!  How?


  1.  Notice and Acknowledge – When the perfectionist bug bites you, notice it.  The more often we notice it, the more chances we have to squash that bug! (or gently say hello to it and watch it shift)
  2.  Use laughter!!!  I love when my daughter smirks “You’re such a perfect girl.”  She calls me out, it’s fantastic!  It’s another reminder of ‘yep, I’m being ridiculous right now!’  I laugh at myself and know that I want to do the best I can.
  3. Take 2-5 minutes and validate yourself!  – Especially this week, when things aren’t going smerfectly!  During the holidays there are shifts in schedules, diet differences, and lots of lazying about.  Insecurities and invalidation may come up say, 10 fold?  If you’re feeling it, find a space to be alone and remind yourself of how awesome you are.  If it’s hard to remember the great things about yourself, stay with it longer, or do it more often.


Maybe these coming days will be blissful and maybe they won’t!  It’s just what’s happening.  But, remember to choose to show up the way you want your holiday to feel, because this there is no better time to feel PEACE, LOVE, and JOY.  Embrace it!

Merry Christmas!!!!


In Health and Healing,




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