February 4, 2018


Allowance is simply defined as the act of allowing; permission.

It is different than acceptance.  Acceptance implies tolerance.

Allowance is giving someone permission to behave how they are behaving.  It gives us permission to feel how we are feeling.

Allowance is the antidote to resistance.  Resistance keeps us stuck, whereas allowance provides ease and flow.


How do we shift from resistance to allowance?

1.  Recognize where you are in resistance.

2.  Say hello to the resistance and get cozy with it and let it be there forever.

3. Observe what happens when you call in allowance.

4.  Keep practicing, there are at least 20 opportunities that will come up each day.


A good place to start practicing with is with physical pain.  Then you can move onto emotional feelings that you experience.  It is also fun to try when you are reacting to other peoples’ choices, actions, and behaviors.

With the pain, notice the resistance you have to the pain you are feeling.  We tend to want it to stop so badly, so that we can get on with life, or so we can get back to doing what we want to do.  Also, it’s good to notice how you want to ignore that pain.  “I want to ignore this pain so that it goes away.”  “If I ignore it, it’s not there.”

On the contrary, all the pain wants is attention.  You have to give it all of your attention, all of the time.  Watch it, talk with it, see it, breath it, be it.

Enter stage right, ALLOWANCE, which is the toughest part, allowing it to be there.  The energy (pain) can only shift when it has full permission to be there forever, because then it has full permission to exit.

The energy of resistance keeps things stuck in place.  Nothing can move, heal or change.  This goes not only for physical pain, but for everything.


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