Ready for a change in your life, but unsure where to start?

Do you wonder where to go from here, and what exactly to do to get the results you want?

Likely, you know where you want to be, but are searching for a quick and easy way to get there.

The answer is simple…and fun!


Through a series of guided meditation sessions I will teach you valuable tools that will serve you for life!  Not only do they last a lifetime, but the more you practice them, the more profound and significant your transformations will be.

These tools really can turn any situation around for you!  Like….Right NOW!

Even if you struggle with getting your kids out of the house every morning, or with emotional eating, this stuff can shift!

What would it be like if your life dramatically shifted and things were easy, and even fun for all involved?

Plus “B. YOU, B. LOVE, B. LIGHT” is set up to enhance any area of life you want!  Maybe it’s developing a stronger intimate relationship with your partner, or finding more time for yourself by learning to say NO.

“B. YOU, B. LOVE, B. LIGHT” is how you can make changes and get what you deeply desire in any area of life – relationships, career, love, family, health, and play.

Here are just some of the ways these profound meditation tools can serve you:

  • Transform fear, struggle and doubt into clarity, ease, and security so you can find your purpose and live your passion.
  • Feel more peace, love and joy in your life so you can connect with more intimacy in your relationship with your partner, kids, and family.
  • Experience your own happiness so you can be the light and share the light with everyone you interact with and have a lasting impact on the community you live in.
  • Learn how to manage obstacles, so you can gracefully flow through life’s hiccups.
  • Learn, practice and master these lifelong tools so you can find and maintain wellness, happiness and a fulfilled life experience.
  • Release uncertainty, overwhelm and anxiety so you can say yes to fun and freedom, and choose to spend quality, enjoyable time with your family.
  • Identify your deep-rooted fears so you can reveal their matching truths all while watching money flow into your life.
  • Uncover a brand new life perspective so you can return to love and free yourself from years of depression, guilt, or shame.
  • Unlock what is holding you back from getting on your path to gain what you really want in YOUR life, whether it’s your dream job, marriage, having children, or taking the vacation of your dreams.

Are you wondering “Can I really benefit from these tools?”


If you are ready to make a shift and ready to commit to a life of getting well emotionally, physically, and spiritually then this is a perfect match for you!


Kids are experiencing so much uncertainty, overwhelm and anxiety at such an important time in their development. These tools are so fun for them to learn, use, and benefit from.  They can learn to eliminate some of the background noise that is consuming them daily and manage themselves emotionally.  They can grow and develop peacefully with limited worry and stress.


Please contact me for more information.  I’d love to tailor make a plan just for you!