Don’t Smile, Don’t Do It!

November 3, 2015

Last week, the weather was getting me down.  Since I can remember, November has been my least favorite month.  It’s probably due to the drastic change in weather and the significant decrease in daylight.  But whatever the case, my spirit is definitely affected by the cold and the dark.

That is where I am…….

and this is where I want to go………

I want to choose something different.  I want to love November!  I want to feel good all winter long no matter what the sun has to say about it.  This is my decision and I’m going to choose a good one that benefits me and everyone around me.

HOW?  you say….

First, as I mentioned above, I got really clear on what I want.  An important step in making any changes, big or small, in your life is getting clear on what you want and saying it out loud.  Be crystal clear on what you want because the everything around you will respond.  The universe is listening.  Watch and see.


Then, I simply played the game that I posted about last week, called “What would it be like if..?”  You can put anything you like at the end of this to create what you want.  I completed the statement with this…

‘What would it be like if I smiled at 5 strangers today?’

This made a huge difference in my day and in my life.  I literally felt like the light inside my heart got turned on.  It got brighter and brighter with each smile I gave and received.   And I intuitively knew that the other persons’ light inside of them was equally affected by the smile.  It was “Namaste” in full force, except it was an unspoken experience of ‘The light in me, acknowledges and respects the light within you.’

And not so surprisingly, once the light inside me had shifted, the energy around my whole body shifted with it and more and more people initiated a smile with me.  Wow!  With only a smile in my back pocket, I turned a potentially crappy day into a day that was full of life and participation, love and fun.


With a daily affirmation, I will most certainly remind myself of the immense power behind a smile.  A simple intention, a smile, can make such an impact on my day and on others days. I definitely want to remember to do this throughout the winter when the days are shorter and the darkness prevails.  On those tired, gloomy, hard to ignite and motivate days, knowing that, no matter how much darkness is around you, you can choose to show your smile and shine your light!  Why not?  You will shift and so will everyone else you connect with.


It’s as easy as 1,2,3…….Remember these 3 steps to making a positive shift in your life.

  1.  Be clear on what you want.
  2.  Ask for it.  “What would it be like if……?”
  3.  Practice daily affirmations.


Please comment and share your celebrations!  We all want to hear!


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