January 2018




Equanimity is defined as mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

Equanimity is the capacity to improvise while remaining serene.  It is the capacity to be present, neutral, and available.  It is strength and softness with strong and clear boundaries.

Equanimity is a state of being.

Where do you practice equanimity in your life currently?  How can you let that flow into other aspects of your life?  If it is easy to show up with composure in your relationships, yet more difficult in your career, allow yourself to bring the energy of equanimity into your career space.

To bring in the energy of equanimity say…

“I am equanimity”

…three times out loud while you picture yourself in a work situation that gets you charged.  Then, feel what happens in your body.  If nothing shifts, repeat it again.  Practice this daily.

Breath is also a very powerful tool to get you into a state of equanimity.   With slow, deep, expansive breaths you allow a greater interior space in your belly, chest, and lungs that instantly creates equanimity.

What more can you release, with the help of your breath, to reveal that equanimity?

Touch is another powerful way to get back to calm.  My 4 month old puppy gives a great example of this.  She gets excited, hyper, and wild in short spurts throughout the day.  The only thing that works to calm her down is to pet her on her chest.  It’s quite hilarious.  She melts.  Her eyes get heavy, her body gets settled and she immediately goes to peace and calm.

When we, as humans, are feeling like we are about to crumble, feeling overwhelmed, over worked, and over subscribed, try putting your hand on your chest, take a breath into that hand, and gently rub circles on your chest.  This is very comforting and validating to our body and our being.  It’s a simple way to assure yourself that you are okay, that everything is okay.

What will today bring in my new state of equanimity?

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