FALL into Healing………..Part 2

October 6, 2015

In Part 1, I suggested some alternatives to keeping the body healthy during this time of year.  There is a lot to consider when it comes to staying healthy, but it’s all relative!  And it’s fun!  It really keeps me present and aware of what is happening in my body right here and right now.  I always fall (no pun intended) back on one of my favorite mantras, “The present is a gift.”

So, with the seasons changing, the energy of the environment shifts as well, and it may be advantageous to shift along with it for optimal health.  As we exit out of summer, a time of expansion, high energy, long days, and short nights, and enter autumn, things are starting to slow down.  The days are shorter, the energy is much less expansive and so it’s important to consider embracing the change within your body.  With the weather shifting to cooler temperatures, make an effort to



If  we are resisting the natural tendencies that are presented all around us in nature, telling us to slow down, chill out, cool it, STOP BEING SO BUSY!! – Then what happens?  The body isn’t in balance and harmony with nature and this can lead to illness.

The next time you get sick, ask yourself,

“What am I getting out of this?”

Sounds crazy right?  It’s not.  It’s really really interesting.  It’s fun!  It allows you to connect deeper to yourself and to learn more about what you are creating.  We create our life, we create moment to moment and if an illness comes up, then it’s been created, and the information around it is always insightful and productive.  I always ask myself this, without judgement of course (self reminder) and am open to the answers that show up.  This is great information to consider when your kids get sick also.

It may be a new concept, but it’s fun to notice.  Maybe you’re wanting a break from something or someone, or permission to lay on the couch all day and watch TV; maybe you are getting out of somewhere or something you were supposed to attend, but really didn’t want to go to; or maybe you just need some help and getting sick is making it easier to ask for the help you feel you need.  What if it gives you something to talk about, to complain about, a way to connect with someone else?  Just noticing, acknowledging and saying hello to the situation, shifts the energy around it.  If we allow the energy around the issue to flow more easily, you again have the opportunity to clear it out of your space.  Now, you can heal faster and the next time a similar scenario presents you can prevent what once was by creating something different!

Happy Healing!


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