February Mantra

February 3, 2017


With Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle of the month it makes February a great month to focus on LOVE!

For a good portion of my life, ‘LOVE’ seemed to only be centered around the romantic kind.  Oh, how things are changing!!!!

Instead, make this month and mantra about ALL love!

First and foremost, being open and receptive to self-love is going to make magical shifts in all of your other loving relationships.  The love will literally spill over into relationships with your family, children, friends and your significant others.

As, Gabby Bernstein stated, “make your romantic relationships more friendly, and your friendly relationships more romantic.”


With this months mantra try this…

Step 1:  Sit down in a chair, feet flat on the ground, arms and legs uncrossed, and close your eyes.

Step 2:   Say the mantra out loud 3 times slowly.    “I am open and receptive to love.” 

Step 3:  Then notice how you feel in your body.

Does your body feel open and lighter and so excited to be alive, or does it make you so uncomfortable you want to crawl out of your                               skin.  Maybe you feel nothing at all.  That’s cool too, feeling numb is actually feeling something.  You may notice a pain in your chest or a                     twinge in another part of your body.  The game is just one of noticing!  Feel what you feel and forgive any judgements that come up                        around what you are feeling.

The first time I spoke the mantra aloud, I felt nothing.  The second time, I felt a whole lot of tension in my pelvic area,  and the third time I felt like I wanted to cry.

Step 4:  Put a daily reminder in your phone, and every hour, say this mantra out loud or in your head.

Step 5:  Notice the loving things that flow into your space and write it down.  Write in on paper, in a journal or in your iphone.

Try this practice of repeating the mantra daily, hourly, for one week.  Only one week!!

Step 6:  On Day 8, sit down again, feet flat, arms and legs uncrossed, eye closed and repeat the mantra again out loud.

Step 7:  Notice, now how you feel in your body.


Celebrate whatever comes up for you!  Look back at your notes from the past week.  Applaud the shifts you encounter, good or what you perceive to be bad, because any shift is productive on the path to giving and receiving more and more love in your life.


In Health and Healing,

P.S. Please share any comments with me below or via email!  I’d love to hear your celebrations!!



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