Force or Flow

October 4, 2016

Sometimes you’re in your flow and sometimes you’re not.  When I’m not in my flow,  I sometimes try to force myself back into it.  Ha!  So counterproductive, it really makes me laugh though, and amusement is always a good place to be.

I recently got to thinking about this concept of flow and force when I was on vacation.  On this vacation everything was flowing and developing so easily and I was creating what I wanted moment to moment.  Bliss!

This made me much more aware of what I’m forcing and where I’m flowing in my real life.

I thought, “How can I get a vacation like sense of flow into my “real” life?  Because, I want to feel like I’m on vacation everyday!


So now, when I notice I’m out of my flow, I ask myself these two questions.

  1.  What areas of my life are flowing easily?
  2. What areas of my life seem to be stuck?

I love this exercise because it makes me get real with myself and gain a deeper sense of clarity on what is actually happening in my life.

What next?

Use these helpful steps below to let go of force and welcome the flow.

Step 1Notice where you’re forcing things.

What area of life are you forcing right now?  Here are some areas to consider:  career, body image, health, spirituality, intimate relationships, children/parenting, family, money, time, fun/adventure, or community.

Awareness is key.  Witnessing where you’re forcing is already helping make a shift.

For example, if body image is an area that you struggle and you’re forcing yourself to workout obsessively (every single day) this might be an area of life where you choose to welcome more flow.

Step 2Notice where you are flowing.

Celebrate where things are flowing well for you!  Celebrate and validate all of it!

It’s a great idea to take some time and address each of the areas of life I mentioned above and get clear on what’s happening in each area.  Write it down.

For example, if you’re career is going really well right now, that’s great!  You can stay with that or notice what could make it even better.  You can always get MORE into your flow.  Enhancing each area of life that is going well is an option!

Step 3:  Release it all.  All of it!  You noticed somewhere you’re forcing and you noticed somewhere you’re flowing.  You said hello to them, and now it’s time to say goodbye!  It’s that simple.

When you say goodbye to what you’re forcing you make space for flow.

When you say goodbye to what is already flowing it makes more space for much greater things to flow in your life.

Step 4:  Sit back, wait, and receive.  Pay attention though, you don’t want to miss this part!

I hope these steps serve you and bring more flow to the wonderful world of YOU!


In Health and Healing,


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