Giving and Receiving

February 7, 2017

It happened three days in a row.  The first day I read it on Facebook, the second, I read it in her book, and the third day I was listening to a completely different book on Audible and there it was again…

Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart.  When we attach judgement to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgement to giving help.   ~ Brene Brown

This knock on my door inspired me, or told me, to start paying attention to how I give and receive in the world.  Turns out I have some major blocks around receiving.

Honestly, it makes me really uncomfortable sometimes.  Even when a kind gentlemen went out of his way to hold the door open for me at Hobby Lobby, out loud I said “thank you so much,” but in my head I said, “why would he do that for ME?”  In that moment, I go into fully judging myself, I’m not good enough, nice enough, or worthy enough to receive such kindness.  Crazy talk!!!

I also get uncomfortable with compliments and any kind of positive acknowledgment.

What do you do when someone compliments you?  You say “thank you” and then what?  Do you minimize the compliment by saying something negative about yourself?  Do you immediately compliment them back?  So, practice this…

The next time someone gives you a compliment, accept it.  Only say, “Thank you!”  That’s it!  Nothing more.

It may be difficult to RECEIVE such nice things.  Practice and validation will continue to keep your heart open for receiving more greatness, kindness and abundance that is coming to you.


This quid pro quo idea is a limiting belief – it’s deeply ingrained in some of our upbringing.  You help me, I’ll help you.  DONE!

When truthfully, I don’t ever want to attach anything to offering help to someone.  In having this new awareness, I choose to focus on how to create balance in my life on how I give and how I receive.  It seems that the practice of receiving will inadvertently effect how one gives in all areas of life.

So how do we expand ourselves and get to a place of balancing giving and receiving?

If you’re up for the fun and excited about getting to know yourself on a deeper level this is for YOU!!

Step 1 :: Pay attention.

Witness your ability to receive.

Notice in what areas of life receiving is easy.

Take a day or two and then write down what you’ve learned.

Step 2 :: Now, witness when it’s difficult to receive.

Keep it fun and in good spirit!  Write down what comes up.

Step 3 ::  Notice what happens each time you offer help or are asked to help someone else.

How do you respond?  Listen closely to your internal chatter.

Step 4 :: Ask YOUR higher power for guidance.  Ask for a greater life balance between giving and receiving.

                “Thank you universe, for helping me give and receive with an open heart.”

Step 5 ::  Validate each and every little instance in which you graciously give to others as well as graciously receive from others.


Validating and celebrating the little things it what leads to monumentous shifts.  It’s literally all about celebrating the good things no matter how big or small.  Each time you celebrate, you open the door and invite 10 more celebrations to come in.  I want to go to that party!


In Health and Healing,



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