April 5, 2018




We are two weeks into spring and depending on where you are in the world it may not feel like it with cooler temperatures lingering, but we can all see it all around us. Buds are popping up from the ground and on some branches, the air smells different, the birds are singing more often and the sun lights us up for more moments than not.

When growth is occurring all around us in nature, it makes sense and is most appropriate to tune in, look internally and give ourselves a bit of encouragement on focusing on our growth as a human being, whom is intimately connected with the earth and what it’s doing each season. How harmonious, to be in parallel with the earths growth cycle.

What a great time to open up to new possibilities or new priorities. This growth period may inspire a greater self awareness or even the opportunity for self reflection for your body, your mind and your spirit.

What would it be like to shed some old patterns and old belief systems and create something new?

What if you could grow new thoughts, new beliefs, new priorities, and a new way of being?

What if being YOU was all you had to do?

What if all the doing you stress and stress and lose sleep over was an interesting perspective you used to have?

In order to grow, we start by identifying what it is we want.  This may be scary for some people, but if you are willing to, pause, take 5 minutes and jot down answers to these questions.  Because, how can we grow if we aren’t clear on what we want?  Putting your wants and desires into clear cut words is the first step to growing toward those desires.


What is it you want or desire in your life?

Pick three areas of your life and get specific on what you want in those areas of life (you can always do more than three:)).

What do you want in your health, or career, relationships, parenting, community, money, play time, or spirituality?

Make it general or very specific.  Make it YOU!

Finally, release any doubts, uncertainty or resistance that come along with those desires.

And then, watch and wait for the growth.

In Health and Healing,

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