May 24, 2016

After writing last weeks post about making love a habit, I starting thinking more about habits in general.

I have some good habits and I also have some not so great habits.

Then I took some time to see what NEW habits I want to create and look at some habits that I want to let go of.

Here are the habits I want to create (the list is much longer, but it seemed appropriate to keep it to 3).

  1.   I always want to speak from a place of love
  2.   I want to stay calm after I’ve asked someone to do something 5 times.
  3.   I want to put my phone down for 2 hours when my kids get home from school.

Here are the habits I want to break.

  1. Getting frustrated with my kids.
  2. Yelling at my kids when I’m overwhelmed or afraid.
  3. Multitasking

So, I started researching how long it takes to break a habit or form new habits, and then I stopped.

I realized, it’ll take as long as it takes.  And that’s okay.

One habit might take 21 days to create.

Another habit might take 365 days to break.

Either way, I’m up for it.  These are my priorities and something I feel really excited about.

Join in the fun, pick one habit you want to create or break and share below.

In Health and Healing,




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