Have You Done Any Dreaming Lately?

August 4, 2016

Up until yesterday I had forgotten all about my ability to dream.  And not just to dream, but really dream BIG!
I mean, dreaming was on my radar, but it was something floating around the perimeter, way to far from the bullseye.  Once I connected back to myself and allowed myself to dream, I hit the bullseye!  I had been hanging out around the target and forgot to keep my eye on what I want.  Now, in knowing what I want, and dreaming of it everyday, manifesting the life I want is totally possible.
Floating outside the perimeter, my idea of dreams consisted of what happens at night.  Everyday, I ask my kids what they dream about.  Every night my daughter asks the universe for “good dreams with a cherry on top.”  I’ve also been reading my daughter the BFG this week and the last couple chapters we’ve read are all about dreams!  Catching dreams, making dreams, mixing dreams, and blowing dreams into children’s beds at night.
With the concept of dreaming all around me, it’s no surprise that I was ever so graciously reminded that I too have this ability to dream.  More specifically, day dream, dream of the things I want in life.  I had forgotten all about that!  What would it be like to take time for me and think about what MY dreams are………and then came the BLOCKS!
Block #1.
My ‘High School Kelly’ voice spoke up and was like, “What?!? I am too old to dream.  Dreaming is for kids.  Dreams are dreams, it is not reality.”
And there I stood, ‘the, I’m too cool naysayer.’  That voice came up and out and was like, “Why even bother dreaming?  It’s never going to happen.”  Then……
Great, not listening to that voice, now I’m going to start day dreaming about what I want in my life………
Block #2.
OH NO!  Now I’m scared!
Now it’s my wussy, chicken shit, excuses Kelly who says, “I have no idea where to even start.  I’m a little scared to admit what I want in life.  I don’t deserve what I want.  What if someone hears my dreams, like the BFG!”  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I don’t want anyone to hear my dreams, because what if they don’t come true and then I’m a failure and they’ll know I failed.
I finally got there.
I had arrived.
I took a lot of time that day, dreaming of what I want my life to look like.
Gosh, I haven’t done any real dreaming in a long long time!  Maybe not ever?  And why not?  Because I’ve been victim to the blocks in my life.  And listening to a negative inner dialogue that isn’t serving me, at all.
And now that I conquered the blocks that came up around this, I can surely conquer the blocks that come up as I manifest what I want.
So, now I can dream.  I can dream everyday about the life I want and how it looks and how it feels.  And it’s so much fun to do!!!  I’m going to do it every day.  In the car, on a walk, or while I wait for an appointment.  While I wait I’m going to dream…….DREAM, DREAm, DREam, DReam, Dream, dream……….

What will you dream of?


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