How I shifted a seemingly bad situation

April 26, 2016


Last week at this time, I was selling my house, getting ready to move into a new one and all was good. Then in an instant, it all changed. The buyers backed out and I was riding a roller coaster of emotions for days. I had so much fear, sadness, anger and shame and it was all consuming at times.

And then my outlook shifted all because I took the judgement off of all of it.


It comes along and scoops up everything neutral inside of you and throws it out the window.  Then judgments all encompassing energy invades you.  It’s like a sci-fi movie, when another being takes over someone’s body. Ahhh!!  Yes, it feels that freaky.

Then I was reminded that I was judging the situation.  Ah ha!  Hello judgement, you sneaky devil!  It was then I realized that the judgement is not productive and it’s not the truth.  This was enough to shift my perspective.

Here’s how my perspective changed.

It’s not good that I had an offer on my house, it just is.

It’s not bad that the offer fell through, it just is.

If I look at it as a bad situation then I feel shame, sadness and anger.

But, if I see it as something that just happened, I’m neutral with it and all the feelings around it flow through me.

Now I feel like myself again!  All because I let go of judgement.

Mission accomplished!  On to the next.


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