How to Brighten Our Inner Light…….

July 27, 2016


Eliminate the darkness.

Yes, of course you can never truly eliminate the darkness, because without the darkness there would be no light.

But, the darkness surrounding you doesn’t need to penetrate your inner light.  It doesn’t need to be allowed to dull your light, dim your light, or even extinguish it.


You have a light shining inside of you that is unique to you.  That light is your spirit and it wants to shine, sparkle, have fun, and be free!

One thing that has helped me feel more freedom, release my fears, and guide me to where I am today is by eliminating the darkness is by simply – not responding to it.

What that darkness means to me, may mean something completely different for you.  Ask yourself, “How does darkness show up in my life?”

In mine, it’s conflict.  It’s arguing with my kids.  It’s responding to a snarky comment from a friend or relative.  It’s the guy at the concert telling me and my friends that we are being TOO LOUD!  It’s my negative thought patterns.

It shows up differently every day, it evolves.  It takes new forms and shapes all the time.  And so too do I evolve.  Identifying it, and not responding to it gives me the power.  If it’s not there, it doesn’t exist in my life and I can go on being free, being happy and staying present to enjoy, love, and live with what’s right in front of me.

A Course in Miracles states “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”  This idea has profoundly impacted me and how I live my life.

When you respond to the darkness, you become the darkness.  You become part of the insanity, the delusion, the lie, part of the crazy!  Conversely, with no engagement, you become left with freedom, peace, and joy.

So, it’s really fun to start noticing how the darkness shows up around you.  Notice when you respond and notice when you don’t.  As you start to heal and become more aware of how it presents, you will witness it less and less often in your space.

It’s Magical! 

Your light will attract the light in others and that’s when miracles happen!

In Health and Healing,



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