How to have Happy Holidays


December 1, 2015

It shouldn’t be hard, right?

We love our families so much and get so excited to spend time with them over the holidays. But, it can be stressful and it isn’t always easy.  There are a lot of different opinions, different likes and dislikes, different schedules, and all sorts of judgments being tossed around.  Everyone’s energy mixes together and at some point it can start to resemble an explosive science experiment.

Here’s my story of how I shifted my holiday experience to “the time of family drama” to “having real Happy holidays”……

A little over a year ago, I got really mad at one of my family members. I mean so mad that I couldn’t let go of the situation. I kept talking about it, telling friends over and over in hopes to get validation from them. I NEEDED to be right! I held onto it for way too long.

Then, I was telling my coach about it.  She simply asked,

“What if no one was right?”

I was like, “WHAT?!?!  That’s not possible!”

That was my initial reaction.  But then…….something shifted.  This concept literally opened a door for me.  I honestly never even considered this as an option.  This was a completely new belief system and I liked it.

As I sat with the question for a few moments, my body started to soften and my anger dissipated.  Then she asked,

“Would you rather be happy, or be right?”

This was really powerful for me.  My happiness is more important to me than being right.  So, instead of fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong, I can always remember to choose my happiness.  A HUGE life lesson!  LOVE!  LOVE!!  LOVE!!!

It was that fast that I was no longer angry.  And the truth is, I was really just creating unnecessary internal struggle.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest, I wasn’t seeing red anymore and I almost instantly created peace in my life.  I healed that situation and I was happy about that!

I hope you want to create more peace and happiness in your life this holiday season (and beyond).

A good start is to remember this daily Mantra.


 ~ “I would rather be happy than be right.”


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