How to Transform Panic into Peace

June 1, 2016


Up until yesterday at 3:15 pm, I had been in my flow. Things were going great, I was feeling great, and everything was lining up just right.

So interestingly, there was a huge storm approaching our area that led us to run from the pool to the car and get home as fast and safely as possible. Little did I know, this storm was to foreshadow the internal storm that was about to touch down in my space.

I got to school to pick up my daughter, umbrella in hand, and as soon as I find her she tells me that she lost her cochlear implant!

I went into instant panic.  I got really angry too.  What?  How could this happen?

I was completely out of my mind and I was completely out of my body, I was fully disconnected.  My mind was spinning, my heart was racing, I couldn’t think straight, I wanted to cry, I wanted to yell, I was mean, I wasn’t myself.

I held onto this situation all evening and watched everything around me continue to spin out of control.  I went to bed thinking I would wake up feeling so much better.

Nope.  Not the case.

I felt just as uncomfortable when I woke up in the morning.  Ahh!  I want this feeling to go away.

So here’s what I did to let it go, get present, and move on.

  1.  I got grounded.  I simply asked the earth to come and find me and got reconnected.  This is when I realized that my tailspin yesterday was all about not being grounded to the earth.  More on grounding HERE.
  2. I got neutral.  This situation isn’t bad or good (still working on this, but am laughing about it as I write) it’s just what happened.  If I take all the judgement off of it and off of my daughter then I immediately feel lighter, more joyful, and can actually laugh that she flushed a $15,000 device down the toilet.
  3. I forgave myself.  Forgiveness for acting like a spazz yesterday.  Forgiveness for judging myself.  Forgiveness for not being the best version of myself.


….the sage confronts difficulties, He never experiences them. ~Lao Tzu

In Health and Healing,


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