June Mantra

June 1, 2017


Nothing is more important..

than that I feel good.

~Ester Hicks, Abraham

If we focus on our well-being we can create more wellness.

Conversely, if we focus on our illness we will create more illness.

Even if you only feel good for a second or a minute of your day, bringing your attention and your focus to that feeling will jump start the healing process.  It’s like lighting a sparkler, once it’s lit it continues to sparkle and flicker more and more.  And although the sparkler has an end point, your wellness sparkler does not, so let the momentum increase and take you downstream.

Follow these two steps to help keep the focus on your wellness this month.

Step 1 :  Gratitude

Practice feeling the gratitude in your body.  Use whatever you’re grateful for, for example, I’m grateful for the the sunshine, or I’m grateful for a good nights sleep, or I’m grateful that my pain is less (or absent).  Name the gratitude and then feel it.  Once you feel it, see if you can maintain that feeling for 30 seconds or a minute.  Then when you notice the pain or negativity creeping in, say hello to it, but ask to come back to that feeling of gratitude.

Step 2 :  Positive Momentum

The Abrahams say it only takes 17 seconds to think about positive thoughts in order for the momentum of positivity to sweep through you.  The power in that is endless!   Unfortunately,  the same is true for negative thoughts.  So, if you are focusing all these thoughts on the pain and discomfort, or the struggle and what’s not working in your life, then that momentum is going to completely take over.  But, isn’t it awesome that you can change that tune and set your life stage for positivity!  Doing that might be your new uncomfortable, but try it over and over and continue to focus on what it’s like to feel good in your body!

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