Live Like a Kid!

August 22, 2016


Last week at the beach was the best! The waves were the biggest I’ve ever seen in Holland, Michigan.  Where I stood the water was just above my knees and the waves were crashing into my face!

Unbelievable!   And SO MUCH FUN!!

Playing, jumping, body surfing, boogie boarding and just diving through the waves was pure joy! I truly felt like a kid again.  Laughing and smiling, I felt completely present and a huge sense of freedom.  When my kids and I got out of the water, I noticed a woman around 70 years old playing in the waves by herself as her husband watched from the sand.  I was deeply inspired watching her play!

So I got to thinking about what things I can do to encourage more freedom, fun, and play in my life.

5 Ways to Feel like a kid again

Here are FIVE things that get me feeling like a kid again……..

1. Play in the waves!

Playing in the waves or the water feels so great!  Something about being in the water makes you only think about being in the water.  You really pay attention to it.  You notice how it feels, how cold or warm it is, how smooth or choppy it is.  It is a great way to get in the moment and stay in the moment.  And if it’s too cold for water, try playing in the snow for a bit!

2. Jump on a trampoline

Once you step on the trampoline, you instantly smile.  It’s like instant joy!  Then when you get that really great bounce that sends you flying into the air……..that’s instant bliss!

3. Running down a sand dune, or even running down a hill.

I did it as a small child, but have only recently remembered of how truly freeing it is to go running, leaping and flying down a sand dune.  The giant strides you take as you leap from one foot to another – Amazing!

4. Jump rope

Jumping rope brings back that feeling of childhood as well.  What’s great about this is you need to have at least two friends to swing the rope and the concentration it takes to jump, especially double dutch, definitely keeps you present.

5. Find a swing and go really high!

WHOA!!!  The feeling in your stomach when your butt lifts up off the seat at the top of a swing is again, exhilarating!  Another chance to fly over and over again.


These activities always make me smile!  They feel exhilarating, and truly bring back that childhood essence that I forget about when responsibility, work, and parenthood take priority.


Now go PLAY!!  Release your inhibitions, be a kid and be free!


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