Manifest the LIFE YOU WANT in 2016!


December 30, 2015


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I still haven’t settled in after all the holiday fun and commotion.  But, I’ve been spending some time thinking about how I want my life to look in 2016.  Each time I think about it, I feel excited, but scattered, overwhelmed, and a little defeated.

So, I’m saying hello to those feelings, and I’m going to choose to get clear and use simple steps as I manifest the life I want in this coming year.

The present is a gift.  This is of great benefit.  We live and create moment to moment.  Another amazing benefit of life.  But the life you desire requires attention and acknowledgment of the past and to the future.


Start by sitting down alone in a quiet space with a pen and paper.  First write down everything that is going well in your life right now.  Then celebrate that list!  Really really celebrate – like it’s 1999! (I love Prince!)

Then, say out loud, “I want MORE of this please, AND I want ………”

Next make a list of things you want to be different in 2016.  I’m keeping it simple and writing down 3 things I want in 2016 (and can always add more later).  Writing out your wants and goals is key.  You can’t get what you want unless you know what you want.  Now you have them written down, it’s a constant reminder to yourself to help you stay accountable and in charge of getting what you want.

After listing 3 things you want, write down 3 goals that will help you achieve each want.

Be specific!

For example, if one of your wants is “I want to be more healthy” in 2016, the 3 goals might look like this.

1.  I’m going to stop eating when I’m full.

2.  I’m going to walk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and take a yoga class on Tuesday and Saturday.

3.  I’m going to make one healthy new recipe each week.


I love these two lists.

1. “What is going well?”

2. “What do I want to be different?”


I love this because sometimes we get so hung up on what’s going wrong in our lives.  We keep giving our thoughts and energy to that.   Then it keeps showing up for us.  If we change the focus to what we want our relationships and life to look like, then the universe will respond.

If something happens that we don’t want, it’s an opportunity to see what gift is being presented to you in that moment.  What lessons can you learn?  What can you heal around that?  What can you let go of?  There is always an answer if you’re willing and open to receiving it.

I hope you get what you want in 2016!


In health and healing,





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