May Mantra

May 1, 2017

“I Choose Peace As My Purpose”

We all want more peace in our lives, Right?!?  Peace feels good, peace feels safe, and it feels secure.

What would more peace look like in your life?

If it’s that you want more peace in the world, more peace in our country, in your family, or more peace in a relationship, make your intention this month about wanting more peace around you, feeling more peace inside yourself, or living and being in a peaceful internal space.   

Peace is an energy.  Bring it with you everywhere you go.

What would your day, week, or month look like if you remembered to bring PEACE with you every where you went? 

I am literally writing this mantra on a piece of paper and taping it to the back of my phone (one thing I never forget to bring)!

As you manifest more peace in your life, be present, have fun, and if you fall off and forget…jump right back on!

In Health and Healing,


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