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Through my meditation practice, I’ve unexpectedly become acquainted with my clairvoyant side.

It’s freaky and fancy!

It is something we are all capable of doing.  Only, most have forgotten or chosen not to exercise their intuitive side for many many years.

Another unexpected but, “Oh, this makes sense!,” part of my journey is that I’ve recently started using my intuitive side and am offering energy readings.  It is so much fun and I love doing it!

So, what does an energy reading offer?

Answers and fresh perspective!

Here’s how it works.

You show up with a specific question about any situation in life, whether it be about relationships, money, work, or play.  From there, I look at the energy and relay the information I see.  This may give you more clarity or insight on where to go or what next step might be best for you.

If you don’t have a specific question, I can still look at what is happening energetically in your space and give an intuitive response as to what I see and/or hear.  The information that you receive is so beneficial.   You get what you are open to receiving and accepting into your life in that moment.  Simultaneously, internal blocks get cleared away.  SO COOL!!

I LOVE doing this!  Did I say that already?  It’s such a unique opportunity to be able to help and guide people in a completely spiritual kind of way.  I love that it provides a new perspective on things you already know deep down inside to be available and true.  It’s as though I’m offering a flashlight to shine on yourself so you can open up and see your full potential.

Amazing knowledge about life is revealed and it’s about receiving this information in an appropriate, balanced, safe and loving space that will attribute to a beautiful outcome if one so chooses that direction.

This is such a great way to care for yourself and a non traditional experience to consider adding to your internal spring cleaning routine.  And of course, it’s not just limited to spring.  Any time your are ready to make some changes in your life and need a little push, nudge, guidance or a new outlook, receiving a reading may give you just what you need at that moment in your life.  It’s all timed out appropriately, because we are all exactly where we are supposed to be right here and right now.


Now that you’ve gotten this far, you may be asking yourself some questions.  Let me try to answer some for you!

  • How does the reading take place?

A reading can take place in many ways.  Meeting in person for a reading is always an option, but definitely not necessary.  Looking at energy can be done remotely, therefore using skype or a simple phone call works just as well too.

  • How soon after I make my payment will I be contacted to schedule a reading?

As soon as you make a payment, I will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule the reading.

  • How long does a reading last?

A reading lasts approximately 20-25 minutes.  During this reading it is your time to sit back, relax and receive the information. You are welcome to ask questions throughout the reading, as well as before and after the session.  It’s super fun, so come with an open mind and an open heart!

Still with me? Let’s set it up.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I am here for you!

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“The reading I received from Kelly was incredibly accurate!  She helped bring a few of my deeper fears to the surface so I could acknowledge them in a way that felt light and easy.  I loved the visual imagery and how she explained what was coming through.  It helped clarify what I had been feeling.  And a few days later, I received numerous Divine signs and confirmation that validated everything we talked about. I highly recommend receiving Kelly’s gifted insight and help within any area of your life that could use greater clarity and compassion.  I felt heard, honored and respected in a way that allowed me to relax and remember what is really true for me.”Alison, New Zealand

“My reading with Kelly was a very positive experience.  She is very professional and gently guides you through the reading.  I focused on a specific question for Kelly to explore, and she was able to give me clarity and balance on an issue I was struggling with for years.  During the reading, Kelly helps keep you calm and focused, and after she gives guidance on what she saw and you personally experienced.  Since the reading, I was able to let go of distracting thoughts that were pushing me off center and stay connected to my personal goal.” – Rachel, USA

“I really enjoyed the reading from Kelly. She was dead on! I have made so much progress on my spiritual journey but now I am stuck at a crossroads which Kelly clearly saw.  Essentially I have fear of success and therefore am stuck in avoidance. I really appreciated Kelly’s honest and gentle descriptions of all of the pictures she was seeing especially since they were bringing out some deep rooted fears for me.  I also really appreciated Kelly’s recap at the end. It really helped me know what to notice throughout my day and how to clear through the energy.” – Anne, Illinois

“Having Kelly speak to your energy and your being is very revealing. The visuals she spoke of resonated with me and helped me verbalize a restlessness. As she read, I felt I absorbed back the energy I was putting out there. I embraced my frustrations as temporary and grounded myself in the present knowing that the work/life balance would shift again in the coming years.” –Margaret, Illinois