September Mantra





There is potency in a pause.

There is inner power in a pause.

A pause can bring clarity and wisdom to any situation or thought.


For your consideration…

Pause and breath.  A simple deep breath can guide us in a different direction.  The direction of our own information.  The path of our inner being.

Pause before you react.  Our reactions and our judgements happen so quickly.  Encouraging yourself to pause before you speak, act, or move slows the momentum and brings in a soothing calmness. 

Pause and feel.  Taking a moment to feel what’s happening in your body will shift your experience.  Feel where you are holding tension and where your body feels good.  Notice what your shoulder are doing.  Notice if you are clenching your jaw.  Notice is you are holding in your lower abdomen.

Pause and sense.  Look outside and SEE something.  Tune in with your ears and notice what you HEAR.  SMELL your environment.  What do you KNOW in this moment?

Pause and be grateful.  Gratitude will elevate you.  Gratitude will take you from petty to peace.

Pause and choose a different tone.  You have the ability to choose the tone of your own energy in any moment.

What would your life look like if you remembered to pause?

To bring a pause into your daily routine, try setting a timer to go off every couple of hours during your day.  Use that alarm and remember in that moment to PAUSE and be witness what transpires and shifts.  It can be as easy as a smile or a breath.  If you write it down, it makes it concrete evidence that you can look back to and validate the importance of this simple tool.

In Health and Healing,


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