Summer Lovin’

June 7, 2016

School is out – Summer is ON!

I think of summer and I think of FREEDOM!  A deep rooted childhood thought, I’m sure, and also ironic that in this phase of life it’s now the time when my kids are home ALL the time which inhibits my freedom – HA!

But, this doesn’t have to be an inhibition of my freedom and my time, this can be a summer of family filled freedoms.  Freedom to play, freedom to create, and freedom to explore.

Thus, a great and super appropriate time to reassess my boundaries, particularly my time restraint boundaries.  I think it’s extremely important for my kids to be kids and enjoy, even thrive off of having no concept of time. Because this is truly what their little (I should say big) spirits want.  It still happens to us as adults, just not as often, when time simply disappears because you are completely living in and enjoying the present.  So much joy, happiness, and enlightenment.

So, I’m dedicating this summer to be the summer of no time restraints.  A summer of exploring what will become, what will emerge, and embrace the spontaneity of each day.

I’m letting go of rigidity and instead am opening up to softness, flexibility and allowing.  Softness, flexibility, and allowing – my monthly mantra!

This is as an appropriate time to adjust and reevaluate my parental boundaries.  We are out of the status quo of school days, what better time to step back and interfere less and less in my kids lives.

I want to let them be free spirits, make their own choices, and really enjoy the life they have.  I believe giving them more freedom will allow them to better accept those necessary parental restrictions that keep them safe.

Ultimately, control will lead to ruin.  So, no better time than now to let control disintegrate and build a solid foundation that bypasses ruin.

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