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February 17, 2016

Thought is symbolic (1)


Here are two lovely excepts from the book falling into Grace by Adyashanti.


No pun intended.
“Thought is symbolic. A thought isn’t a thing. It has no reality; it is only an abstraction. A thought is, at best, a description of something we take in with our senses. And yet, from a very young age we’re taught that we are what we think about ourselves. But there is another to this, and that is we tend to believe that we are what others think about us.”


“Notice how your body feels when your mind argues with what is.  Notice the emotional change happening, and notice what happens when you begin to open your mind just a little bit and invite the possibility – just the possibility- that maybe your conclusions about an event in life, maybe your judgments about it, aren’t really as true as you think.  Just holding the possibility of that in your mind, you’ll see that your emotional environment begins to change.  You’ll start to come more into the present moment, and this is what freedom from suffering is all about.”


This is so powerful.  Take every thought, especially the judgments you have about yourself and others, and for only one day (from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed) and remind yourself that these thoughts aren’t true.


My thoughts aren’t true and don’t make me who I am.  Others thoughts about me aren’t true and don’t define me either.


Beautiful words to remember into late February and incorporate into daily practice.


In Health and Healing,





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