March 4, 2018



Understanding :: sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; forgiving.

It can also be defined as having insight or good judgement.

What would it look like if we each deeply embraced the energy of understanding into our days?

We can always be more understanding, right?

There can be greater understanding of our husbands and our children, of world events, school events, and political events.

It is my truth and in my understanding that everyone is truly doing the best they can in each moment.  This is a great mantra to take with us into March :: “Everyone is doing the best they can.”  This captures permission, forgiveness and understanding all in one.

It is very similar to the having and holding the capacity of neutrality.

Understanding things as they are without any judgement on them is a very powerful practice.  We get to choose to understand another’s perspective, their point of view, and their differences.

We have no trouble understanding the similarities we have with others.  Whether it’s a similarity in how we act or that we are operating from similar belief systems and hold similar opinions, but once we identify someone who thinks differently or acts differently then us, understanding can be the first thing that goes.

What if instead, we approach the differences the same way we attend to the similarities.  What shifts would that enable?

Lastly, how much do you understand yourself?  Where in your day can you offer up more forgiveness to you?  Can you peacefully accept that you are doing the best you can in each moment?  What if nothing were wrong?  Is that understood?

The more you can capture an understanding of yourself, the greater availability you create to give away understanding.

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