Unstable Grounds? Start Grounding!

July 6, 2016

Last week I got a bit shook up, actually a lot shook up.

We moved out of our first house. I brought two of my three kids home to this house and we lived there for 6 years. I enjoyed every bit of it, but we unexpectedly decided to move into a house right down the street that would give us more space to grow into.

For days leading up to it, I could feel the fear rising up in me.  I felt so uprooted.  Then moving day came and it was really emotional.  It was hard saying goodbye to the house and all the memories I’ve had in it.

And instead of moving into our new house, we stayed at one friends place for a few nights and then moved on to another friends house for another few days.  Because our new house is under construction, it’s gonna be a vagabond summer!

Through all of this I learned how dependent I had become on my house.  I used my house as source of support and stability.  I was grounding into my house.  There is nothing wrong with this, but then when it was gone, it left me feeling unsettled, uncertain, and unstable.

This reminded me that I know how to feel settled, content, stable and secure all the time.  A great, reliable way to get this is to ground into the center of the earth.  Read more on how to get grounded here.

The earth is always there to support us, we just forget, and tend to ground into other things like our house, other people – husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, friends or our work.  When these things go, or change, we can feel completely rocked, insecure, and let down.  The truth is, the earth will always be there for us.  It’s not going anywhere.  It’s solid, stable, and secure and provides us with everything we need.

Any idea what you are grounding into?  Is it a relationship?  A job?  Money?  A home?

Then see what happens when you remember to ground into the center of the earth (which is approximately 3963 miles down).

Now that is literally a rock solid foundation!


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