Want to Say Goodbye to Guilt?

November 17, 2015

Sometimes things happen, big or small, that we just can’t let go of.  We replay the situation over and over in our minds – it’s relentless!  It’s this guilt that we tend to hold on to.  And as if guilt isn’t enough, shame seems to be it’s best friend.  So when one shows up, the other isn’t far behind.  Then they keep showing up in our space because guilt attracts more guilt and shame attracts more shame.  These super villains suck the energy out of us and leave us in the middle of this vicious cycle.


So how do we let go of this?  How do we get out of this vicious cycle?
Try these 3 simple steps to find YOUR freedom from guilt and shame.



Think of 5 things you are grateful for and then say them aloud.  If the situation that’s eating away at you involves another person, and it usually does, try to find 3 things you are grateful for about that specific person. Even if it’s really really hard to do.

Practicing gratitude always spins the energy into a more positive position.



Shame and guilt are invalidating.  The antidote is self validation.  This can be a challenge when you are in invalidation, but you can do it!  Start with three things you like about yourself, and say them out loud, then go on to three things you LOVE about yourself.  Keep going, don’t stop, because the more you can validate yourself the less opportunity shame and guilt have to slip back in.


3.  SEPARATE from guilt and shame.

First, ask for help!   Use whatever resonates with you.  It could be God, or the Universe, or a guide, to name a few.  And then, ask them to help you get guilt out of your space.  Wait and see what answers come.  There is no right or wrong.  Be open and receptive to what answer shows up for you.

For me, I pretend there is a roller coaster outside of my space.  I put guilt in the front seat, behind that I put shame.  I buckle them up and pull down the lever.  I watch them ride far far away and out of my space.  Sounds crazy?!?


However guilt finds it’s way in, however it presents itself in your space, all we want is freedom from it, right?  Guilt is ugly, unproductive, and holds us back from getting what we want in life!


So remember these “guilt be gone” steps to and get back to more peaceful version of you!




In health and healing,






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