What’s Wrong?

February 23, 2016


Ever have those days, weeks or February’s where nothing seems to be going right? When it seems like everything you do, say, or try to get done falls flat.

Or have you found yourself or someone you love in a place where the focus is on everything that’s going wrong?  It’s so blinding that what’s going right in life isn’t even on the radar.

What can you do when you get stuck in these ruts?

The first place most of us go, almost as an autonomic response, is FIX IT, FIX IT, DO SOMETHING TO FIX THIS!  NOW!!!

Here’s a new idea!  Instead of asking, “What can I do to fix these feelings, this situation, this mess?”, ask yourself,

“What would it be like if there was NOTHING to fix?

{Did your mind just explode?  Mine once did.  If everything is energy, and it is, then why not consider shifting the energy around yourself and your seemingly fixable problems.}

What if nothing was wrong, nothing needed fixing and instead it just needed a space to be just as it is?  So here is a space for “this” to be going wrong, here is a space for “this” to be going well and then let it be as it will.  Then you get to sit back and watch things move, dance, and shift.

Life is a balance.  Everyone is trying to balance work, play, relationships, money, parenting, health, and the list goes on.  We strive to create balance in all of these areas, and I’ve come to realize it’s okay if I’m sucking in one area and rocking out in another.  But rather than sulking in the areas of life that aren’t living up to certain expectations, allowing them some space to adjust can be very healing.

When thoughts lead you to believe that things are going “wrong”, for example, “I am in an unhealthy place right now with diet and exercise” or “I feel like all my relationships aren’t great right now because I’m working all the time,” consider doing this:

  1.  Recognize that your thoughts are not true, thereby removing any energetic charge off of that thought.
  2.  Find a place of neutrality and non judgement around this thought or this area in our life. (This happens naturally once the charge is removed.)
  3.  Put what’s “wrong” in a space or a place around you that has permission to just be.
  4.  Watch, notice, and acknowledge any shifts that occur.

Like Jon Kabat-Zinn writes, “Wherever you go there you are.”

Wherever you are in present time is right where you are supposed to be and right where you want to be.  So maybe nothing is ever going “WRONG?”

In health and healing,



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