Why I Meditate.

February 16, 2017


While on vacation in St. Thomas, we met a lovely Canadian couple that was living locally on their sailboat.  They had two young girls who really hit it off with our kids.  We enjoyed playing on the beach and in the sea with mermaid tails and snorkeling. Before parting ways, they gave us a next day invitation to an afternoon on the water, which included snorkeling, the promise of seeing sea turtles and pizza via the local food truck on water {food boat}.

Wow! What an amazing offer! Sounds like a dream!

But…then I went into total panic mode. I got very anxious about it all.  The momentum kept building and I was faced with making the “right” decision. I went into fear around all the “bad” things that could happen. And fear of not being in control of my surroundings and the fear of not getting back when we wanted to. Yes, I am fully aware of my crazy!

I went to bed consumed by it, woke up in the middle of the night thinking of it, and even dreamed about it. When I woke up in the morning it was the first thing on my mind.

The second thing that came to mind was MEDITATION!  This story is just one example of why I love meditation and why these meditation tools work for me on a daily basis.

I headed straight for my make shift meditation space I had made for myself in our hotel. Nothing fancy – a wicker chair in the corner of where the wall met a bar stool and pillows propped up behind for comfort.

I used my tools to get grounded and see with clarity. I got neutral with the situation so I could make a decision I was comfortable with.

My spirit was saying a full on YES, and I instantly remembered that I had just gotten clear the day before on how I wanted to create more fun in my life.

It’s funny how that works, it’s a miracle actually.  I made the space for fun, fun came charging in and…I freaked.  I got exactly what I wanted and I freaked the f*&k out.

My brain said no way, what if the kids fall off the dingy? what if my daughters cochlear implant falls into the sea and she can’t hear out in the middle of nowhere while we are trying to swim to shore?  What if the dingy pops, sinks, or breaks? I mean I could go on and on.

The other part of me kept saying, this is a FUN adventure that you and your family created and if you turn down this opportunity you’re even more crazy then your typical crazy.

So, I told mike I didn’t want to go! Ha!  I told him all the reasons why.

He said, “Yeah, I hear ya, but I think it’ll be really awesome and fun.”

So we went!  It wasn’t hard to convince me.  I might have just needed to give myself permission to not go.

The whole time we were gone I used my mediation tools to stay grounded, safe, and maintain my truths.  There were fleeting moments of fear, uncertainty and doubt, of course.  Although, there were many more moments of complete joy, excitement, amazement and bliss.

I am so grateful for meditation! These tools provide life long guidance and and are there for me everyday, every moment and in every situation. The hardest part is…remembering to work them.

In Health and Healing,

P.S. I’ve started teaching meditation!  If you’re ready and willing to start meditating or to take your meditation practice to the next level… read more hereAnd here.

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